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Easy Outfits Ideas When You Absolutely Hate Everything In Your Closet

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

We all have those days when we go to our closets and feel like we have nothing to wear and everything we put on feels like the most uncomfortable ugly piece of clothing you have ever seen.

This can be a defeating feeling that makes you not only frustrated so then your day (or night) starts off all wrong and you fall into the hole of feeling insecure in your own clothes, uncreative, late as can be and on top of it all your significant other is standing in the doorway frantically looking at their watch asking "Why are you taking so long, that looks fine! We are late! Let's go!"

This is a terrible combo and your clothes shouldn’t take that much control over your feelings and life but they really do - even when we aren’t consciously aware of it so you gotta give them the right amount of attention so you don’t find yourself in this situation very often.

Now one way to avoid this is to plan ahead so you don’t have to make decisions for an event, big business meeting, dinner date, or party in the moment. Planning ahead can significantly reduce the amount of stress that can occur with getting ready!

BUT if you made the mistake of not planning ahead and now you are knee deep in that frustrating feeling and your bedroom is upside down, then remember back to these 3 simple outfit ideas that you can throw on and go which help prevent your significant other’s head from exploding.

Here are 3 effortless outfits you can keep in your back pocket for those annoying moments of

"OMG! I have nothing to wear!"

Outfit #1: All black everything!

This is one of the best go-to's and even though at first thought you might think, UGH BORING, it really is an easy way to look polished, chic and put together (even if you feel nuts inside). It also will make you feel comfortable because going out in something uncomfortable is a constant distraction that can ruin your time or productivity.

All black is one of my personal favorite go-to’s when I am feeling frustrated. When I don’t feel like getting creative or am in that frustrating closet space I go straight for black high-rise skinnies, ankle booties (with a sliver of ankle showing to elongate the legs) and a tucked in black tee. I then throw a long necklace over it and a jean jacket (or other comfortable jacket) and I am ready to go in no time. This can be done in a casual way or fancier way depending on what you need. Don't shy away from all black in these moments because it can save the day.

This looks great and feels great too and once you are out the door and at the party (or wherever) you will forget all about your clothes because you know this go-to is fail proof!

Outfit #2: That legging look!

Leggings are easy, comfy and can be a go-to when you are feeling blah.

Now be careful not to let the easy going-ness of the leggings make you feel even more blah than you already do in this frustrating moment. Throw on your leggings that are either faux leather, textured, or that are in really great condition (no holes, faded color or see-through leggings please). If you wanna feel good you gotta pay attention to those little details!

Also, please remember leggings are never pants. Ever. They are NOT yoga pants and your butt should never, ever be out in the open. Leggings are for tunics and dresses and any other item that goes OVER the butt. When people walk around with a normal tee and leggings with their front and butt out in the open it looks immature, unpolished, unflattering and it almost looks like you are walking around in your undergarments.

Your booty might look cute, but it doesn't look very sophisticated so cover that booty up girl!

Leggings have their own real purpose that is amazing and can be not only super comfy but also super chic! Stick to yoga pants if ya wanna show off that booty!

SO for the leggings look, throw on an over-sized sweater or white tunic, some gold hoops a red lip and some amazing heeled boots and you will look elegant, stylish and put together all while staying comfortable! A chic no brainer!

Outfit #3: The safety blanket!

Now we all have that dress or top (or whatever item) that we feel confident in.

It is OK to turn to your safety blanket at this time (even if you have been seen on Instagram in it before!)

You might feel like you are being boring and turning to your go-to piece that you feel like you always wear, but it is too late and you gotta wear something don’t you!? If it is flattering and works for your plans, then go for it and just remember to plan better next time so you can wear something a little more fun!

Also! Remember that shoes and accessories can make a world of difference and can change up this already worn favorite more than you would think! If you know you feel good in something and are in a rush - just grab different shoes and accessories to spice it up a bit.

Don’t try to over complicate it or you’ll be in the same boat as you were 10 minutes earlier. Don’t try to experiment at this time, and instead if you always wear pearls with that specific dress, then go for the tassel earrings or gold choker necklace instead. Just make sure you grab items you know you love and can trust you feel good in!



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