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My Quest For A Wardrobe I Love

Here is a list of what I have invested in lately and why!

Curating a wardrobe you really love takes time and slowly but surely I am working my way towards that. I have a pretty strong foundation to my closet so at this point my main goal is to invest in quality items that are easy to wear and that will replace the low-quality pieces I have worn to death over the years.

Now, I love shopping and find a lot of joy in the process and could literally shop until I drop.

However, I work hard to be a mindful shopper, so I ask myself a slew of questions before I purchase to make sure it is worth it:

Will this item actually be of good use? Do I actually love and need it? Does it fit OR do I think it is just cute and am I pretending it fits? Is it actually cute or is the brand/label sewn inside "tricking" my brain into thinking it is cute? Is it comfortable? Is this a quality addition to my wardrobe? Will this item fit into my current wardrobe well? 

I also create a list! This slows down my shopping and makes me check myself to make sure I don’t impulse buy something I do not need or really want in the long run. This form of planning is kinda like putting it on hold in my mind. This gives me time to go back and look at it later and see if I still feel the same way I did when I found it. (this only really works for online shopping) 

Eventually I will have a closet that is full of only what I love and is a thoughtfully curated collection of quality items that are comfortable and make me feel confident and sophisticated.

This isn’t something that happens completely overnight, but slowly and steadily.

A strong wardrobe doesn’t really have a finish line; it takes years to build it up, and having a great foundation is key.

I truly believe that with the right mindset and clothes you feel great in you can be an unstoppable force of nature. Our clothes create a huge impact on our mood and how we hold ourselves which affects how others react to us. So giving the necessary attention to our clothes can create a positive domino effect on the rest of our lives.

Here are some items I love and purchased this year:


Leather Ankle Boots (without a heel)

UGGS are a great quality shoe and they have great styles outside of the infamous (but yes, warm and cozy) suede and fur we think of when someone says UGGS. These are my go-to boots for everyday wear. They are very comfortable and are easy to dress up or down.

Everyone needs a simple, quality black boot in their wardrobe. These get so much use out of them and the simple, unique details help show off my personal style.

I know that leather has negative affects on the environment and am excited for the alternatives equivalent to leather in the future. BUT for now, I try to stay away from faux leather shoes as often as possible because they do not last and if I buy a pair of shoes I want them to last for as long as I can care for them. Leather can last you a life time if they are taken care of properly.


Heist Sheer Tights

These are the best tights ever! I love black sheer tights and used to wear drug store versions until I realized how often I was purchasing and needing to throw away ripped tights. It felt like every sheer tight I put on would rip within hours (or less) until I started wearing Heist tights. They are seamless, comfortable, and so durable! I would recommend to anyone! Totally worth the price and the packaging was amazing - It was such nice packaging I didn't want to unwrap them!


Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

Yes Spanx! Spanx makes super nice leggings. I freaking love these!

One of my best purchases in a long time.

Yes, they are very pricey and I too was skeptical since I had never spent this much on leggings before, but it has been so so so worth it.

Cheap, uncomfortable leggings will never be a part of my life again.

I wear these at least 2-3 times a week and it is super hard to go back to any other leggings and when I try I get frustrated with the feel and fit and I rip them off and put the same Spanx leggings on I wore two days earlier. I need to get a normal non-leather look pair at some point because wearing the leather look every other day is a bit much.

The faux leather makes any outfit feel more pulled together though, because of the texture and matte leather sheen. It looks polished and not tacky or cheap at all like I have seen with other faux leather leggings.

They are also super flattering and they offer petite sizes so if you’re short (like me) you can actually buy leggings that don't feel like they have 100 extra inches on the bottom.. I would recommend them to anyone and to size up just one size!

The only thing I do notice is that the waist stretches slightly after wearing a few times, but they do not fall down like every other pair of leggings ever. I don't even think about what I am wearing when I wear these.

Plus, they don’t dig into your belly and are so high-waisted you feel all tucked in and sleek.


Kate Spade Cross-Body Bag

I had been slowly but surely saving for a new small, quality cross-body bag and was debating between saving up for a Cuyana or Kate Spade bag but I was surprised with the cutest coral red Kate Spade crossbody bag as a Christmas gift, so I didn't actually have to purchase this but it was on my list so it is worth mentioning on this list.

I love all of my Blackkat Leather totes and my vintage Coach bucket bag (thrifted) that I use sooooo so much, but I wanted to add something small and light that zipped up so I could travel with it.

When I was younger I used to buy cheap, faux leather bags and they would get beat up so quickly I found myself buying bags constantly. Since changing to only buying high quality bags second hand or by saving up I never need or have the urge to buy new bags. When I do feel the need I go for the better quality bags that are more expensive - so I have to save up which gives me the time to really think about what I am buying #delayedgratification before I actually take the plunge which is amazing for slowing down the shopping process for a more intentional purchase.


Madewell Black Jeans

I am petite but have some curve to my bottom half, so I have the hardest time finding pants. I have had these on my list for over a year and finally got them! I got the curvy petite pants, and they fit great at my waist and actually over my butt. I would like them to be a bit more stretchy and soft like some of my Paige jeans but they fit over my curves well and are great quality.

#5 Sheet Scarves

As a designer and maker I try not to spend time on items for myself and put most of the focus on developing the designs and producing product for my customers, but sometimes I do make myself items (also the time to test wear pieces) and I spent a few hours one day a couple months ago making my a couple flannel Sheet Scarves and a fully lined linen jacket.

I literally live in the Sheet Scarves so it was worth the material and time cost to make them.

I am kinda biased as the designer but originally I started making these scarves because I needed them because I could not find a high quality, warm, and chic enough scarf out there and wanted something that could be nice but also go in the washing machine. So, I am confident in saying they are the best scarves ever and I do not know how I went through winters without these before I started making them a few years back. They are the warmest and most comfortable style scarves and I live in them and use them all year long.

#6 Blue Suede Leather Moto Jacket

OMGGG I have wanted a leather jacket for freaking ever. I never pulled the trigger buying one before because they are super expensive and if I was going to invest in one, it needed to be the perfect one.

Now I haven’t gotten the classic black leather moto jacket I desire yet, but I did get a beautiful blue suede jacket on super sale that I LOVE.

I saw it for weeks and died a little every time I left the store without it. I ended up visiting it one day and saw it had gone on sale and I felt guilty because it was suede leather and wasn’t black leather. In my gut I felt like I should wait to make sure it was the perfect purchase. I left and when I got home I was being crazy and couldn't stop thinking about that damn jacket. I had to go back. I jumped in my car and in panic mode drove to the store like I was going to buy supplies during a zombie apocalypse. It was the last one in the store and I was sure some other girl was going to also find this dreamy suede jacket and die with excitement. I ran into the store and let out a sigh of relief when I saw the jacket hanging there. I tried it on for the 100th time and knew it was meant to be. Now, I will save getting the black leather jacket until later, and I hope to get one from Deadwood in the future.

*Similar find linked

#7 Cashmere

Now this is a pricey fabric to invest in but it is worth it and you really notice a difference compared to acrylic (duh - but I am actively trying to avoid acrylic even if it is super cute cus it doesn’t last and feeds into the fast-fashion ways of creating a disposable closet) I have invested in a Tahari cashmere beanie. It is super light-weight and so soft. It keeps me warm but doesn’t squeeze my head and looks pretty cute. It looks expensive, unlike acrylic knits.

I also invested in a cashmere turtle neck in a light tan color. It is incredibly soft and comfortable and looks so much nicer than the cheap sweaters you can get for the price of a sandwich.

It can last for years and year and is worth the price!


Silk dress:

I love silk and am def a sucker for it.

I usually save my silk shopping for thrift stores so I don’t break the bank but I found this beautiful silk dress from Madewell I loved. I thought about it for months before going for it.

It finally went on sale which is still pricey at Madewell (is even lower now!) but decided to bite the bullet and I am so excited I did. The fabric is beautiful and elegant and it feels great on!

Investing in quality, natural fabrics like silk, linen, and cashmere are worth the cost.

They will last for years and prevent you from purchasing acrylic and other cheap items that don't last, don't feel good on the skin and aren't good for the environment.

I have gotten used to quality fabrics now and love how my clothes actually feel good on my skin now. When I sometimes go back to the polys in my closet I become very aware of the fit

and texture against my skin and with this distraction I don't feel as confident or comfortable.

Sometimes it can be hard to avoid non-natural fabrics but it is important to try to stick to natural fibers as often as possible and don't be swayed just because something is cute!

Be aware of the feel on your skin!


Let me know if you find any of these to be great additions to your wardrobe or if you have a process for building your wardrobe as well!

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