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Style Tips To Live By

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

These timeless tips can make your style feel next level:



This is a very very important one, and I feel like I talk about it SO SO much because I see the issue of not caring for clothes properly constantly. Be mindful of how you care for things and remember that 9 out of 10 items in your wardrobe should never go into the dryer. Treat your clothing with a little extra care and store things thoughtfully to make them look better longer.

When your clothing looks good, you will feel good and stylish. Keep your darks dark, whites white and repair or alter when needed!

*I am also writing an entire blog on how to care for your clothing properly - so stay tuned for that!



Fit is so important and can change your look and chic-ness instantly. If you love something but it just doesn't fit or it just needs a little something done to it - invest in a tailor/seamstress to fix it for you. It doesn't cost much to do simple things like pant hems, taking in or letting out a seam, replacing a zipper or sewing on a new button. Investing in the clothes you love also feels really good and can make you really cherish your wardrobe.

Avoid silhouettes or fabrics you know you can't move easily in. Even if it is super cute or sooo on trend - avoid it! If you can't move well in it or it is snugging, baggy or pulling in the wrong spots it is never going to look polished or stylish and you probably won't ever gravitate towards it and it will end up sitting in the back of the closet.

Wear what you love and stick to wearing things that make you feel lconfident That doesn't mean you should never challenge yourself or never try something new, it just means find what combos you like and that make you feel good and follow that feeling.

Don't buy something that is OK, just because it is cheap and focus on how it fits you!



Nothing is more style-sucking than ill-fitting fabrics that cling in the wrong spots and drape in the wrong ways. Stick to thicker, sleeker, natural fibers as much as possible to keep you looking sharp. Stick to neutrals for staples/basics and let the statement pieces in your wardrobe be the wild ones with fun prints, textures, shapes, ect.


If you are somewhere that sells inexpensive clothing like lets say, H&M. (H&M suprisingly has pieces that can and have lasted me 5-10 years BUT they are not staples/basics. They are the statement/topper items that rarely go into the washing machine (if ever).) Lets say you love this specific print they have - they have it printed on t-shirts, leggings and a bomber jacket. I would say avoid the leggings and t-shirt and go for the bomber jacket. It will last much much longer because it wont need to be washed very often which will help extend its life and stay out of the landfill. PLUS, you will look muchhhh much chicer and more stylish by going with a statement items like a printed bomber jacket. I promise!

Be careful with wearing basics in prints (outside of the classics like stripes, some polka dots, some camo ect) Printed t-shirts and leggings and other basics can very easily look cheap and overly trendy when they get too much design added to them. I suggest keeping those basics on the simpler side like solid whites, blacks, navy and grey and add the color and pop with statement pieces.

Shoot for nicer fabrics, versatile silhouettes and be picky about where your prints lay in your wardrobe.



There are the exceptions, but usually if you keep it simple BUT also thoughtful, you will look chic, cool & effortless without ever looking overdone. I love to leave the statement part of the wardrobe for the accessories and top layers like jackets or blazers.

You don't want your look to feel incomplete of course so make sure you are giving attention to the accessories. Accessories really are the weapon to a great outfit. They can make an average joe outfit feel personalized and super attractive.

Unless it is a natural part of your style, I would suggest keeping colors in an outfit to minimum. If you really love wearing pink let the pink be what speaks up in the outfit and don't cloud it up with too many other colors/tones. Let the colors compliment each other and not get muddled together.

*Let your own personal style guide you in this one though. If your style is all about MORE and it works for you, then keep going. Keeping it simple is kinda a rule, but all rules have exceptions don't they?

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” - Chanel



It can be difficult to filter through all that we see and not get overly stimulated by it all. The constant-ness of new trends, brands and cool girl vibes being thrown in our faces everyday can make it hard to navigate when we shop. I am a fashion lover (obviously) and find myself in a middle ground between seeking new looks and mixing them with classic cuts/styles. I try hard to avoid the uber cute trends that will be out in a month and stick to buys that I know will last me and can survive through the revolving door of new trends.

An example of how to navigate trends:

If you love the snakeskin trend and found an adorable peasant style dress in a snakeskin print but really don't feel the peasant look does anything for you, then pull out the pattern or vibe of that piece and find it in something you do feel good in like booties, a blazer or cropped top with ruffles in snakeskin.

Also, try to pick subtle trends to dive into so that you can style it in a different way later when that trend dies out. If you are able to layer over it, belt it or even get it hemmed to give it a new life later it may be worth buying.



No panty lines please!!! It doesn't matter how old you are, where you live, what your occupation is you should never have panty lines. There are all sorts of no-show options out there. Try some new ones and stop making that booty look frumpy with lines all over the place! If that time of the month is cramping your style or you just need to wear some good ol' granny panties then dress accordingly. Wear a flowy tunic over your butt or a long cardigan to hide those dreadful lines. You might also notice if you stop having panty lines your butt will look better in things and fit better under fitted bottoms!

Investing in a good bra is also important. Lift, support and smoothing play a HUGE role in how your clothing will fit and how you will feel in them. With the right bra you can really upgrade a look!



I often see woman that won't even pick up the garment because they swear it wont fit them just because the size on the tag says so.

Of course we all sit within a size range - I am not saying the size/number has no significance but it isn't as black and white as some may believe.

Sizing is a tricky thing and it is not universally the same over brands or even within a single brand sometimes. The fast fashion world has really changed our sizing spectrum and has made it a little difficult to follow since the fast fashion sizing doesn't have a ton of history, attention or production behind it. They kinda just make a it up and tend to run on the smaller side of sizing and rarely (if ever) use fit models to determine fit. So take size with a grain of salt. If you have to size down or up - that doesn't have to hold so much power because the sizes are flawed within themselves.

Sometimes we can drift from our traditional go-to size by sizing up or sometimes down for a slightly different look and fit we are looking for.

When you are shopping I suggest grabbing two sizes of everything and in the dressing room intentionally don't look at the size when you put it on. Avoid looking at the size until you have made a final decision. Try both sizes on (unknowing of the size you are putting on) and determine which one looks and feels better before dismissing it because of the dumb number that hangs on the inside. Pick it based on what feels and looks better and not because you are stuck in thinking you HAVE to be this specific size. Once you pick it based on feel and fit, then look at the size and don't second guess yourself.



I love scarves and always have because they instantly make you look cool without any effort AND they keep you super freaking cozy..what's better than that?! If you are feeling lazy or tired or just don't have enough time and don't want to compromise your style try wearing something super simple like all black or jeans and a white tee and throw on an over-sized scarf and you will look super intentional, chic and just plain cool.

In the cooler months I would suggest always having a scarf on hand. It is an awesome accessory that has so much versatility behind it and can be super functional.



Layers can make a "blah outfit" transform into a "wow outfit"! Layers don't mean you have to feel like you are going skiing either. You can do layers in any and all seasons. Keep things simple and use statement pieces to level up your look.

Jean jackets, blazers, leather jackets, bomber jackets, over-sized cardigans, sheer dusters, scarves, vests ect. are all great layering items that can be thrown over dresses, jeans and everything in between to feel more stylish.



Think about the balance of your outfit. If you are showing a lot of skin on top, be more "modest" on the bottom and vice a versa. It will keep your look sophisticated and put together.

Same goes for fit - if you are wearing something super fitted on the bottom, try going for looser on top. If you wear something fitted on the top as well, try adding a layer over that to make it more balanced. It will be a lot more flattering as well.

Ratios can be applied to lots of outfits. When you get dressed think about what the outfit needs. When you look in the mirror is there too much skin covered? If so, try scrunching or rolling your sleeves, cuffing the hem of your pants, or unbuttoning some buttons.

You can change a lot about the look of an outfit and how it flatters with some quick styling tricks like adding a front or side tuck to a blouse, top or sweater as well.

No matter what age, size, occupation you are in these tricks can benefit everyone.




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