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The RUBA RUBA Outfit Formula

This strategic outfit building structure is a fail proof way to get dressed. No more mornings of feeling annoyed when you step into your closet. This formula will make you feel confident and ready to conquer whatever life throws at you.

This simple outfit concept is a simplified way of thinking about getting dressed. I use this in my daily life and I encourage my Wardrobe Development clients to also use this concept/trick to make their dressing stress free and quicker! I have seen the results with myself and my clients and it makes a world of difference and brings creativity to your looks in an unexpected way!


The RR Outfit Structure Concept:

This concept is basically a theory that if you start with a clean blank (neutral) canvas you can layer over that with statement pieces and accessories for the "perfect" outfit. Having the majority of the clothing that covers your body be all one tone (I always suggest black to start) and layering over that just makes everything easier! No worries of matching colors or changing anything because it is all simplified to one tone underneath. The amount of/kind of layers of course fluctuate depending on the season, but the idea is still the same regardless. It just is a way to breakdown your way of getting dressed so you can feel confident and chic no matter what. This concept brings simplicity and even flexibility to your outfits like you can't imagine while also removing the pressures of being trendy from head to toe.

This formula is broken down into 5 easy layers that work for you, NOT against you!


Under Layer:

This is the first layer you put on > Underwear, bra, bodysuits/shapewear, Underwear style tanks in ALL BLACK! Yes, everything should be all black so it will look seamless with whatever you layer over it!

This layer should not be looked past. It is super important and can make or break the rest of your look!

All black bra and underwear can make it so you are able to put on your underwear and NOT have to change it again because it will always be the same color as the next layer. I highlyyyy highly suggest bras and underwear that have a no-show structure to them. If you are comfy wearing thongs that works but if you don’t a no-show/seamless style bottom works as well. Panty lines can destroy an outfit realllll quick ladies. Be better than the panty line!



Base Layer:

Tee shirts, blouses, blouse style tanks, leggings, pants, socks, all in the same color - I highly suggest all black though. This can create a sleek blank canvas that is easy to style over. Keeping the Base Layer in all black makes it so the Under Layer and Base Layer match perfectly without being overly complicated and it all looks super sleek and clean.

Think about when you have a blouse or dress or anything that requires you to have a nude bra and white tank sorta situation and it feels like you are taking ten million extra steps just to get dressed and it still doesn't feel or look just right by the end. Try sticking to all one color for these foundation layers!!

*This layer can be fluid with #3 Top Layer depending on the season or goal. Sometimes it is possible that you jump right to #3 from #1 at times!

For this Base Layer I went with a fitted top that is great for spring and summer and because it is serving me as an Under Layer as well so I opted out of wearing a tank under here. I am wearing a simple black bra to keep the palette all the same. I have then tucked it into high-rise black skinny jeans. (I have some simple jewelry on in this photo, but I wouldn't suggest accessorizing until you get to that layer!)



Top Layer:

Sweaters, jackets (jean, bombers, blazers), statement tops or blouses, dusters, vests etc.

*This layer can make the outfit. So let it be the outfit!

- The base layer creates a smooth, seamless visual canvas so the Top Layer can really shine for you!

This is where your style really comes into play and there is room to experiment because there is no stress of matching this layer to the layers beneath it because your lower layers are all black already!

For the Top Layer I have thrown on a light weight jean topper jacket. Then accessories are added in the next layer to make it all look complete and chic!



Accessory Layer:

Shoes, jewelry, scarves (can be #5 as well depending on the scarf/season), belts, bags and any other accessory!

This layer is important because this is what will finish your outfit off and create a put together polished look. With a strong, smooth/clean looking ‘Base Layer’, flattering/cool ‘Top Layer’ and then a balanced layer of accessories of your choice you can level up your outfit from plain to refined!

You could literally get dressed within five min and look stylish and feel great!!



Outer Layer:

Coats, gloves, hats (anything that doesn’t stay on when you are inside)

This layer is mostly relevant for colder months, but could still work in the summer with regards to sunglasses, sun hats, or jackets.


As I said before this outfit structure is SOOO simple. It is an easy trick that can completly transform your view of getting dressed which will result in saving you time, waisted energy caused by closet frustration and more confidence. So many of my clients have an over load of clothing they do not really need and although a lot of it feels necessary to them, they find a sense of guilt or annoyance in what they have. As I go through closets all the time I see women with tons of different colored bras, under tanks or slips to try and match each different top in their closet! This is so overly complicated and results in them avoiding putting on their favorite pieces or nice items because they feel like a project when getting dressed.

If they removed the idea that they need to have a matching white bra to their matching white tank to fit under their matching white blouse and bottoms, and replaced it with the idea of a fully clean black base this could make such a difference for them!

This trick makes it so you do not have to really overly think about every detail of the outfit. You can just wear your favorite piece of clothing and throw it on over this neutral canvas in an instant!

As you start to get comfortable with this concept you will start to see how to branch off of this idea. If you are a huge jean wearer and you start to look at your jeans as a neutral and not as another color/detail to fuss over you can replace the black pants with jeans or other types of "neutrals" when you would like!

This concept is not to restrict your style, but to enhance it and make it easier for you!

If you try this concept give it a week or two to really sink in and give yourself the time to experiment with it and tweek where you personally need!

Then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know how it has helped your dressing habits and how you feel! Always feel free to share and tag @rubarubadesigns on Instagram or Facebook too!

Thank you for reading and I hope this makes a difference for you!


Georgia Caroline

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