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 THE RUBA RUBA BLOG // Mind Your Style

My name is Georgia Caroline and I am a clothing designer, wardrobe stylist, and artist. I created this blog as a place for you all to come and explore the ideas of slow fashion, intentional clothing consumption, personal style growth, and pretty much all things fashion. 


I started my clothing line, RUBA RUBA out of the desire to create a line of quality pieces to help defeat the issues around the ideas of disposable fashion. I strive to create items that are treated as investments to help you feel timeless, chic, and comfortable without being complicated. I also have wardrobe development services that help transform closets, mindsets, and ideas around clothing.


I work hard to have my small batch clothing line have sustainable initiatives by avoiding high amounts of waste, using recycled packaging, using mostly deadstock fabrics that are high quality, designing seasonless layers, great craftsmanship and I am constantly evaluating my process, design, construction and work hard to evolve as I grow.


Naturally, the ideas around defeating the disposable view of clothing that have become so pervasive today and the lack of confidence that comes from overpacked closets full of cheaply made items that don't make you happy sparked this urge in me to create a space to talk about being intentional with one's style and fashion in general. 


I found that solely creating clothing wasn't enough for the ideas around my 'whys'. So I created the styling service and this blog as a place to learn about the whys behind the brand and together we can explore the new waves of fashion.



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